Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Way You Make Me Feel

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a “thing” for John Mayer. I really believe it’s getting to the point that I need therapy. Forget about the fact that when I saw him in Atlanta and spotted his tour bus  parked no less than 25 ft from me, I contemplated how I could sneak on board. I was either going to stay there until they reached the next stop on the tour, or I was going to kidnap him. No, today was much more ridiculous. I had the tv in the kitchen on with the Michael Jackson funeral on, just kind of listening in the background as nothing else, news wise, was on. Just when I had enough, I was walking towards the tv grabbing for the remote when John started performing. Of course I didn’t know he was going to be on. I literally tripped over my feet, twisted my ankle and dropped the remote in the sink. Now my ankle is swollen and the remote isn’t working! What is it with that man and my juvenile tendencies? Should I seek help?

Anyway, before all this nonsense Hunter and I made a trip to the grocery store. Then we ran by the Veteran’s memorial wall @ Heritage Park. I haven’t seen it since it was finished. It’s really nice.

Hunter was in charge of my camera today. This is how he saw things.

IMG_4470 IMG_4471

I love the little smiley face on this jawbreaker. It was the only one facing out, he was smiling just for us. :)







  1. Oh my, you do have it bad! Your son took some great pictures! I will have to give the camera to my son one of these days and see what he comes up with.

  2. I can picture the scene in your kitchen as you spot JM. Aren't you glad you hadn't turned it off yet! And I agree, you son has a good eye with the camera. Especially love the smiley face jawbreakers. Thanks for becoming a follower!


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