Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birds and Ferns

I love the look of a front porch with rocking chairs, Boston ferns and an American flag. Here's part of our porch getting painted by my husband.


This year, however, we have had many birds nests. I think we are on our fourth round of baby birds. I think they are house wrens. It makes it difficult to keep them watered properly.


Aren't they cute? The watering isn't really a big deal compared to this...................


That sucker knew those baby birds were in there! He was coming after them. It scared me to death when I saw this snake out there. He was pretty long too.


I know this guy has to eat too, but I did not want to see those babies gobbled up! They survived to fly away, but then the fourth and last set of babies were being stalked by a cat. It's just too stressful for me. So, I'm not hanging any more ferns out!


  1. Oh my god! That snake was on your front porch? I would of moved!

  2. Beautiful house & porch! I agree, much too stressful to be in charge of all that. You did what you could.

  3. Oh my goodness, that snake would have sent me over the edge. No snakes here is Wisconsin. We have a front porch too. It is my favorite part of the house. No rocking chairs, but we have a huge swing. Does that count?

  4. Hi Shauna,
    Wow ... that post had an unexpected twist! Well, it's a beautiful porch, and it looks like a wonderful place to relax and hear the birds sing.
    It does seem to be the kind of porch that's just made for big ol' hanging Boston ferns, but I can understand why you've had enough! How about some colorful Wave petunias? I guess the birds might build nests there too ... don't know ...

  5. Wow. I would have totally freaked out if I found a snake on my porch! I am all for leaving nature alone, but he would have to go!! And I would have been creeped out for a very long time afterwards too!


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