Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking the plunge

I read blogs all the time so I thought I would start my own. This will be a learning process. I’ll start with posting a picture I took of my youngest son. I have only had my camera for a few months so when I get a really good shot it makes me happy. Especially when there are so many bad ones!



Hunter really likes Indiana Jones. I found him this hat at blockbuster of all places.


His older brother traded him a whip for a rifle and he has been a whip crackin fool ever since.


You should hear the crack he makes when doing this!


He decided to take a nap on the porch of what his dad calls the “yard cabin.”


This project started as a metal shed. My dad and my husband built the porch and sided it with plywood. It really feels like a cabin in the woods.



It’s a good place to hang out, roast marshmallows, or even smoke a slab of beef!


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