Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day of Shopping…….NOT

Well the storms did indeed hold off long enough for my mom and I to go to Old Time Pottery. I love that store! We used to have one a lot closer but they closed down. It only took about 45 minutes to get there, so not too bad. I filled my cart early on. See, I have never met a dish I didn’t like. My china cabinet is overflowing already. I get this from my mom. After pushing the cart around with these clanking dishes for an hour, I decided I really didn’t need any of them. I put them all back and purchased a 59 cent gingerbread candle. My husband was happy! I will probably dream about those little white diner saucers that were just begging to have a piece of pie on them though.

Moving on……..

My son informed me that I embarrass him. A mother embarrassing a teenage son, whoever heard of such a thing??? Maybe this will make him feel better!


I’m off to watch a movie and enjoy my 59 cent candle!


  1. You sound just like me! I always pick things up and then put it back, because I don't want to spend the money. I have never been to Pottery Barn though.

  2. I always put things back, too. I have my mother in my head saying, "now you don't NEED that." I have a dish like the one the banana split is in (similar anyway). I never knew what it was for. I just liked it. :) Now I hear a banana split calling me. Good job on embarrassing the kid. Don't they know that's what we're here for?


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