Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite Kid Photo

I love the topic of this weeks blog hop! It was hard to pick a favortie, so I made a collage! The first one is of course the Joker for Halloween. Below that is The Hulk I guess, he was more or less just messing around with some face paint. I love the one in the bathrobe reading the comics. The last one he was smaller and he always tried to look into the lens. They aren't the best shot pics, but they show what a goofball my youngest son can be!
Picnik collage
MckLinky Blog Hop


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  3. Great photos! My oldest son, Gabe, is obsessed with Batman and Joker :) Just stopping by via the blog hop. Love your blog design...very cute! Blessings, Angie :)

  4. Luv your blog & thanks for stopping by mine w/ a comment! :-) Enjoy you evening/wk!

  5. Stopping by from Blog Hop...

    He's like Hef Jr., only reading the comics!!

    And you are the first person I have ever known who is obsessed with John Mayer!

  6. Hoppin over. Thanks for stopping at my blog. Love yours!

  7. Those are great photos! The shrimp recipe from the last blog hop can be found in the big red "Weber's Big Book of Grilling" Purviance/McRae is it like his bible he uses it for everything grilling!


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