Monday, July 13, 2009

Even the Early Bird is out of Luck

We hung a bird feeder on a shepherds hook right outside the bay window. I love watching the birds and so does my cat, but lately, this is all we see!


They will hang upside down to get this food, leaving none for the birds. They make me so mad. I greased the pole up with Crisco a couple of times. It only worked for awhile.


He looks like he’s posing for the camera! Oh well, at least my son enjoys watching them.


  1. He does look like he's posing! OMG! that is so funny! Stupid squirrels!

    Grabbed your button.

  2. Okay, this is just TOO funny! Sounds like the squirrels REALLY annoy you, but for a city girl like me, I would love watching them ... like your son does!

  3. Ok this is really the cutest thing Ive seen all week! Poor squirrel he needs love too. (and his belly full, lol)

  4. The squirrels are cute but they are so destructive! Grabbed your button BTW that's cute, too. :-)

  5. We have the same situation but we don't mind! They are so cute. We buy hugs bags of sunflower seeds at Lowes. They are cheap and they don't make such a mess in they yard.


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