Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a Great Day!

Today is my parents 43rd wedding anniversary! They aren't much into going out. All they wanted to do was hang out at home and have some low country boil!
We hung out at the "yard cabin" and cooked all evening, opened a bottle of wine and just talked until late into the night. My mother has a twin sister and originally my dad was supposed to be introduced to her. He said he walked into church and took one look at my mother and that was all she wrote! They knew each other for 2 whole weeks before running off to Alabama to tie the knot! Here's my handsome daddy back in the day.

This is my mother as a happy newlywed!

My dad was reminiscing tonight and told us that when they woke up after there wedding night the song "Almost Persuaded" was playing on the radio. (I don't know how they remember that) So when my mom got up this morning he had Conway Twitty (mom's favorite) playing that song.

He has always been so sweet like that. After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatments. She was devastated when her hair and eyelashes started falling out. Well my dad gently took her in the bathroom and shaved her head for her. While she sat in the living room and cried, he shaved his own head AND eyebrows. When he walked out like that we couldn't help but laugh until we cried. That my friend is true love and I am honored to have witnessed it first hand. After all these years they are still lovey dovey too. I captured a few sweet hand holding moments.

I am honored to be your daughter and thankful for such a loving family! Happy Anniversary!


  1. Two whole weeks!!! Wow! That post kinda made me tear up a bit. That is true love!
    Happy Anniversary to your parents. I love to see past pictures like that.

  2. That is very sweet. They were a very good looking couple 43 years ago!

  3. I am honored to have witnessed that love the last what....19 years. They are role models for us all. Unfortunately, you don't see that kind of love very often any more. God Bless them both.


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