Saturday, September 26, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat

Oh my gosh, is it ever going to end?? It's pouring like crazy here!

We do not need any more images like this!

At least it held off long enough for me to get in some community sales! There was a lot of people out hitting the sales today. I did pretty well, I'll save it for Monday's post!

We had the best dinner tonight! I made T.G.I Fridays Jack Daniel grill glaze and put it over chicken and stir fried green beans. Yum! That glaze is so good I could drink it. I should have taken pictures and posted it but I was in a hurry to get finished. See, I am petrified of lightening, so I try not to be in the kitchen. Silly, I know! I get it from my mother, she tends to be worse than me.

If there are any John Mayer fans reading this, head over here and sign this petition. Since Local-83 (JM's fan club) has been dissolved there are no concert pre sales for fans. So hopefully this petition will help. With a new album coming out and a new tour you know you want the good seats, so mosey over there and sign it!


  1. Oh wow!!! You're a tad above us and we only got heavy down pours last night (sprinkles today).
    I can't believe the image of the car in the sink hole!
    Be safe!!!

  2. That TGIP glaze sounds wonderful ! It is hot here in Colorado today about 86 - the last few days it has been about 50 - I swear that radical weather change makes people sick !

  3. I see us on your map and yes we are getting lots of rain...grrr I'm so tired of it. My hubby's job was completely under water in Austell. Our basement/2 bedrooms flooded last week and flooded again today. It's so frustrating. Oh, and we've had three snakes IN OUR HOUSE in one week. I know it has to be caused by all this rain. I guess they are trying to find dry land,but I sure wish it wasn't in my house. At the rate we are going here we might as well buy a boat instead of a new van.

  4. Wasn't it awesome to see the sun shining today in Atlanta?! I couldn't get enough of it and it looks like the rains might be gone for a while. Have a great week!


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