Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is Marie's heirloom party! I have so many things that have been passed down and mean so much I didn't know what to include. I narrowed it down to some of my favorites. A lot of stuff that my dad gave me that really mean a lot are down in the cabin and it's raining, so maybe next time!

This grandfather clock belonged to my husbands mom and dad. His dad is no longer with us, so of course this has special meaning to him. I've often thought of painting it, but he doesn't seem to keen on the idea.

I love this little kitty tea pot. It's one of my favorites. It belonged to my grandmother on my dad's side.

This cute little bread bowl belonged to my Gran Gran, my mom's mother. I love how it says buns, biscuits and rolls.

Love this white picture from my grandmother.

And this old butter dish!

This green mirror was in a previous post. It was my father in laws. It's an Army issue mirror that he had hanging in the barracks.

Thanks Marie for hosting this. I love heirlooms!


  1. Hi Shauna,
    I also have three boys!! Oh, what a wonderful grandfather clock; priceless! I like your kitty teapot too. And the white pitcher and mirror are beautiful. Actually, I like everything! Thanks for sharing your treasures and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I love the kitty tea pot. And the white pitcher would look fabulous in my collection. Just kidding, you can keep it. Thanks for sharing your heirlooms.

  3. It's nice to have furniture and pieces that have a story and a memory attached to it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello sweet Shauna - love all your treasures! That clock is so neat. My fave is the white pitcher! So jealous. Oh my.

    Thank you for joining me for the party!


  5. The bread bowl is my favorite!!

  6. OOO that lil kitty tea pot is just adorable. Cute post! I love trinkets & Antiques! The clock is gorgeous!


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