Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I've Created a Monster!

My son loves to take pictures. He's usually the one who reminds me to grab my camera. I told him when I got my new camera that he could have my point and shoot. He wanted nothing to do with it once he shot with the new one! Brat!

I've posted some pictures that he took that I thought were pretty neat. This one, to me, looks like he is turning the moon on with the remote. That's not how he described it, but I can't remember what he said. So, moon it is.

This is his Harry Potter book and wand.

Indiana Jones hat and whip. This is one of my favorites!

Our beloved cat Shug.

He took a break from splitting wood to take this one.

We like to take drives down dirt roads on the weekends and this is a barn we found on one of them.

Random tree

Dirt road

Now if I could just put him to work to buy some cool new lenses!!


  1. haha! I woke up one morning to find my son had taken about 150-200 photos with my camera. He was doing stop-action (you know, like the flip books?) lol Your son's photos are great!

  2. Girl - you are going to love your camera as I do mine. My fifteen year old likes to use mine too - I just make sure that she know that the neck strap MUST be used - although I bought insurance - I don't want to take a chance on this puppy....Do you have a trampoline ? I took a bunch of pictures of my daughter and her friends jumping and it was a hoot - couldn't do that with a plain jane camera. I got mine the end of May and there is so much I haven't even done yet. I took a class and it is a long journey I believe to really get to do the manual stuff - but, worth it !
    Have fun,

  3. He takes great pics! I want a new camera so bad!

  4. Those pics are amazing! You have a true gift. I really like the one with the hammers.

  5. Great pictures - I love the barn and dirt road....


  6. These are some great shots. Maybe he needs his own camera.

  7. I think your son has quite an eye!


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