Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pool Buoy


You know it's getting close to pool closing time when all the catalogs come out advertising all the winterizing items. I am so ready to close it now. I'm sure we still have many days of swimming left though. Usually by this time of year I am so tired of fooling with it. Bring on fall and cooler temperatures!

An old friend from high school came by today and brought her new baby. He was so sweet and tiny. He's only 4 weeks old. I was enjoying holding him so much I didn't even think to take his picture. My ovaries went into overdrive! I would have another baby in a second if I could! I'll probably have many grandbabies to look forward to though.

We are thinking of going to see Funny People tomorrow. Anyone seen it? It looks funny. I guess I better go get some sleep, Chuck has requested a big breakfast bright and early!


  1. I have been having baby fever a lot here lately!

  2. And the Christmas stuff is already out in all the stores! What about "the going back to school" stuff? Halloween? Labor Day? Thanksgiving? No, it's right to Christmas. Why? Because sales were dismal last year for retailers. So enjoy your pool and you can also Christmas shop at the same time!


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