Friday, August 7, 2009

Bon Appetit

My mom and I went to see Julie & Julia today. It was so good. Meryl Streep played such a good part. She was so much like Julia Child. This movie really made me want to come home and cook. Oh, and to dig out my stand of pearls!
After I got home I kept thinking about a particular recipe from the movie that I'm dying to make, so I started to look through my cookbooks and lo and behold look what I found on the bottom shelf.


Yay! I was so excited. I'll probably stay up all night and read it from cover to cover. Funny, I didn't even know I had it!

It's kind of hard to watch a movie like that and come home and make a turkey club, but I didn't have time for anything fun to cook!


I'm craving chocolate, so we had ice cream with strawberries, yummy.

I can't wait to hit the sales tomorrow. There are a couple of community sales close to me. Hope I find something!


  1. Oh, that looks SO GOOD!
    I totally want to see that movie! Do you recommend it?
    Oh, I'm a new follower!

  2. I want to see that also. That turkey club looks yummy to me!

  3. Hi Shauna, Thanks for the movie review! I definitely want to see it.

    Looking forward to hearing how you do at the community sale!


  4. Meryl Streep is my favorite actress...I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. And what's wrong with a nice turkey club? Looks delicous.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes home this weekend.

  5. I have another award for you! Come and get it.

  6. I have been waiting to see that movie. Thanks for the review. I will go for sure.

  7. Great photo. Club House Sandwiches are my favourite.


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