Monday, August 3, 2009

Award Day

the queen
I received my first award today from Stacey @ Bloggin it Like it is. Thanks Stacey, you are one of my firsts reads everyday and I can always count on your nice comments. Now I have to pass it along to 6 people.

1. Cheap&Sweet~ I could really learn a thing or two about shopping from this girl!

2. I'ts a Jungle Out There ~ Sandy, I could read about your travels all day!

3. Poofing the Pillows ~ I just discovered Stacey's blog and it's a great read.

4. Emma Calls Me Mama~ Marie has a wonderful blog with a little bit of everything!

5. Rodman's Road of Life~ Jules blog is a fun read, I get such a feel for family from it!

6. Peterson St. Louis~ Not only is this blog cool, it's interesting.

Now go spread the love!

P.S. For some reason my links aren't showing up as a different color, but they are clickable!


  1. Thanks so much Shauna. I love reading your blog too.

  2. Aaawww...thanks so much Shauna! I really appreciate it! Now I am gonna go spread the bloggy love to some other bloggers!

  3. Thank you Shauna! I learned how to shop, Taste on the other hand is a gift and you my friend have it! You always pic up the best things!

  4. Thank you so much! You are sweet and I am enjoying your new blog. I always feel a connection with moms of boys! :)

  5. Hello Shauna - Congratulations on your award! And you are so sweet to pass it along to me. It's fabulous! Love it! You made my day by your thoughtfulness.
    Btw...I love your blog design - it's so cool!



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