Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Finds

I did so so this week. I think it's just entirely too hot to yard sale. Several of the sales we got to at 1:00 in the afternoon were already packing it up.

I'm not a huge Sandra Lee fan but I only gave $2 for this cookbook. There's bound to be something in there we'll like.

I love this little popover pan. I've never made them before but I'd like to try. Anyone have any good recipes?

Ok, this was my find for the day. I have been looking for this print at a sale for awhile. It's called The Singing Butler and I just love it. The original price on it from Kohls is $110, I gave $10! That's about it, other than a few photo frames. I'm off to see what everyone else found! Be sure to check out all the finds at Rhoda's .


  1. Shauna,

    1.) You have some smart boys there if they are such LOST fans. You must be a proud mama. Haha ;)

    2.) LOVE that popove pan set, even if you don't make them the pan itself is cute, you could decorate with it! And I do love the singing butler print. I used to have an umbrella with that print on it. Cute!

  2. great finds! That is a Vettriano picture, I have one as well. I have In Thoughts of You and $10 is a bargain!

  3. Treasure hunting is so fun! I love the popover pans, you lucky girl! The print is so great--what a great kithcn print (though you might not agree)--dancing in the kitchen always makes the food better!

  4. But WHERE do you find this stuff?? BTW, stop by this morning. I put my award up! Thanks!

  5. Hello ~
    S0 great you found that print - what a bargin ! Sometimes I think when we want it , we will find it ! I have no idea what a popover pan is...LOL !

  6. I'm envious of your popover pan! I've made some a few years ago and they were delish, you should try them!

  7. Glad you stopped by. Love your blog. You really got some good deals. Have a great day:)

  8. Good finds! It has been to hot to yard sale plus, grrrr, we have too many clients not paying us on time this summer so I've not even been thrifting. (but they manage to go on vacation) Sorry for ranting in your comments. Hubby says I can't do it on facebook. hehe

  9. Hello Shauna - great finds! Love the popover pan, you will have fun with that. And I'm sure you'll find something yummy in Sandra's cookbook to make, her recipes are delicious! Neat print too!


  10. Stopping by from Sandy's blog. I have always loved that butler picture - I have seen it in windows. Never knew what it was called. That's a great deal you got.

  11. I've always loved that print too! I'm so glad you got a steal on it. I just bet you will find some good recipes in the Sandra Lee book too.


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