Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Antique Stores

My mom and I hit a few antique stores today. We had a lot of fun. Can you believe I came home empty handed? This has got to be a first. We have the cutest little shop on the square in Mcdonough. It's called The Plum Tree. They have a little garden section on the side of the store. I wish I would have taken more pictures. It's very whimsical. They have animals made of things like propane tanks and saw blades.

Aren't those the funniest things? Here are a couple of shots from inside. I love how they had umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.

I really wanted this, but held off on it.

And these Jadite cups

And Jadite chicken

I love the vintage linens

Here is an adorable little vegetable stand that is also on the square.

It was just a fun day. Now I have to run and pick up another Xbox 360. Has anybody else had trouble with these? We already sent it off to be repaired once. Supposedly it is a problem that has been fixed so it just makes more sense to get a new one. Good thing my son saved for one! He has acted like he lost his best friend.



  1. I know what you mean my husband cried when his died ;-)Actually he just whined a lot! lol

  2. That second picture is really creepy! Sounds like a great mother/ daughter day even if you didn't buy anything!

  3. Love those animals, especially the cat and the pig! Great shop! can't believe you left empty handed!

  4. You didn't come home empty got lots of cool photos.

  5. Love your blog. And I LOVE that pig!!! That's so cute!!!


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