Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Do y'all have weird dreams? Mine off so off the wall. I don't know what triggers them. Maybe I get them from my mom. She always dreams that someone is after her. It's always the same scenario, she runs and runs, gets in a car to make her get away. The car turns into a bicycle which eventually disappears all together, all the while the bad guy is still keeping chase. Once she is on foot again she gets quiet the head start but then all of a sudden she is climbing a hill made of macaroni! It happens every time. It's so bizarre. I would love for the dream analyzers to get a hold of that one!
I think I've been watching too much Six Feet Under. Last night I had a dream that Nate Fisher and I were in a library working on a research paper. Weird.

I'm off to bed, maybe I'll dream about normal things. Oh, by the way, if you haven't tried The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake you are missing out. It is so good! Best Cake Ever!!


  1. Well, if your are going to have weird dreams he is the man to have them about, yummy! I always love visiting your blog with all your yummy treats...and the bonus's.

    Hope you are well.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Funny thing, I SELDOM remember my dreams! However, in the last couple months I have been remembering them more frequently and are they weird! Seems like dreams usually are strange. I've never try to analyze any. That one of your mother's is pretty darn strange. That's one I'd like to find out about.

  3. Oh I always have the most bizarre dreams, Shauna. I've always been a very vivid dreamer, and I have everything from fun, silly dreams to really intense scary dreams. This one you had is interesting... you always wonder, "now where did THAT come from?"

    Thanks for sharing :)


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