Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Should Be Leaving This Climate

No snow here yet. I really hope that it passes us by. It's really pretty coming down, but I hate the mess it makes. I love cold weather and sitting by the fire but I'm already dreaming of a tropical island and boat drinks. As Jimmy would say, "I gotta go where it's warm."

I normally don't make New Year resolutions, too cliche, this year is different. I resolve to pick up my camera more. I'm guilty of waiting for the perfect shot to present itself. Which is exactly how to not get that great shot. Today I captured some of my son's drawings.

He does such a great job, he's still interested in the boobies though. Cracks me up. Oh well, at least they are in proportion.

Hope everyone stays warm and is careful out there!


  1. Cold In Georgia?

    It's really cold here!!! Got a fire going and just want to stay close to it today.

    I have a new camera, and I should follow suit with you!

  2. I would be glad to get rid of our snow! Real skinny waist, and great big boobies! go figure!

  3. OH we've had so much snow this year. I measured today and last night we got 8" more and we already had so much on the ground. I usually enjoy winter but this year I am so looking forward to spring!

  4. A great resolution! That's the beauty of can shoot away.


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