Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a great night! It was so rainy here, we didn't have too many trick or treaters.
My youngest is 12 and didn't want to go out, no more little ones for me!
So, we just sat on the porch with a nice bottle of Merlot and some music and gave out candy. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night!
As you can see our pumpkin carving didn't go too well. Hunter wanted to do the Dharma initiative sign from Lost. It didn't work so we ended up with a big hole. He used the hole as an O and just carved LOST. Goofy Kid!


  1. I like the giant O in your pumpkin! We had no rain and zero trick-or-treaters. Our street is a dud. Now we have all this candy left. It will be gone soon.

  2. Sorry for the rain. Perhaps next year will be better. Some years just seem to be that way.
    We had a pleasant week-end.
    May Thanksgiving be great.
    God bless,

  3. Hi Shauna! I nominated you for an award! Come check it out ;)

  4. We have no trick or treaters in our house either. Although a bit too cold at 35 degrees to sit on my front porch instead.

  5. Hey Shauna. Just stopping in to say hi!!


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