Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Agenda

We're having a nice night in. Ginger steak salad for dinner, with a bottle of Merlot. Yum!

Then I think we are going to watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. After that, I'm tackling these roots!
Have a great weekend!

P.S. Funny Story, you know the deer from the previous post? My son went and and got his hooves to make a gun rack! He cut his head off and got his hide to dry out too! Ha!


  1. Okay, so your dinner looks fabulous, but the deer story I could have lived without! LOL! You know I love ya, Shauna!!!


  2. Dinner looks wonderful. The deer thing just makes me sad.

  3. Hi Lucy!
    Dear Shauna, Lovely meal and I can just about imagine how tasty this was. Looks wonderful.

    As for the roots, I hope it goes well! My daughter was just talking about doing something to her hair. She high lighted it back in August and was asking what she should do to it now.

    I have grown grey hairs and right now I'm enjoying the grey in with the blonde. Boy, I never thought I'd have grey hair!!!!

    Have a sweet week,

  4. That meal looks fabulous! I had chips and dip for supper...

    My husband has a rack made from deer legs too.


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