Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekends are for working!

I am loving this fall weather. Living in the south has made me despise summer. This cooler weather has me in a cooking mood. I got up Saturday morning and got some marinara simmering. It smelled so good. I have no idea why there is a bottle of fish seasoning in this picture. Clearly that didn’t go in the sauce. Yuck! 



I have to have music when I cook. This nook is perfect for that. I really only use it for Pandora and Netflix. Who said you had to read on it? Ha! 



I got to spend a few hours with my best friend. We made posters and sashes for the senior night football game this weekend. We made a few inappropriate posters as well, but I better not post those. It’s always fun spending time with a friend who has known you practically all your life.



 After all the fun it was time to go home and work. We had to haul rocks, that’s always fun right?



 We split a lot of wood, well maybe I shouldn’t say “we.”

IMG_6134IMG_60272Then we ran cable down to the “yard cabin.”  Chuck really has that cabin decked out. It’s a great place for him and the boys to hang out. I guess some people would call it a man cave but that term makes me cringe, so it will never be uttered here again. Ha!


We wrapped up the day with a bonfire. I’m so happy the nights are finally cool enough to build one. Maybe next time I will remember the marshmallows!

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  1. Always fun spending time with a good friend. :)
    And that outdoor fire is PERFECT...I just love fires. :))


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