Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gender Reveal Party!!!

Have you heard? I'm going to be a Nana! My oldest son and his wife are due on August 23rd. We are over the moon and although it's bittersweet because my sweet Mama isn't here to experience this with us, I really feel she is watching us and maybe even had a part in it.

Here is the happy couple!

He really is happy, I promise!

So, I threw them a gender reveal party. I've been reading about them and they've become pretty popular. These are the cute invitations we sent out. We found them on Etsy. Just ignore that I didn't mark out my address...oops

We even got our dogs in on the fun. This is Creed and he decided to join the pink team!

This is sweet Marley (aka Harley). He thought it was going to be a boy!

Waddle it be? Repurposed Easter decorations Ha!

I tried the upside down balloons with the marble inside to kind of hold them in place. Thanks Pinterest! Of course this is the table before all the yummy food was put out. We had a little bit of everything, but we did do the top five cravings that the mom to be was having.

More decorations...............

Ducks in jello with gummy fish, but the jello was so dark you couldn't see the fish. Ha! The styrofoam balls were supposed to be bubbles.

Such a cute cake! I later found out that my middle son removed one of the ducks prior to the cutting of the cake and then changed his vote in the sign in book. Boys!

We played a fun little game just to prolong the anticipation. I asked my daughter in law a series of questions based on old wives tales. Her answer was supposed to determine if it was a boy or girl. So we tallied them up and team blue won!

Team Pink! ( which was just about everybody)

Team Blue!

Finally cake cutting time!! The waiting was killing everyone!!

It's going to be a ............................


I couldn't be happier!! As a mother of three boys I know how much fun they can be!

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