Sunday, May 2, 2010


I haven't been too chatty lately, so I will just share some photos. I'm really loving this 365 challenge.

This is looking into the window of the local elementary school.

This is one of my favorites. The post processing, of course, gives it an old feel, but I also think the lady looks like she could have stepped out of the 70's. I loved the 70's, btw!

This one is priceless! How did he miss the sign?

This is my baby. Hard to believe he will soon be 13. Wow!

Another one with a 70's feel.

Old fire truck in downtown Locust Grove.

This car looks like Andy and Barney's!

This is my grandparents old house in Woolsey.

Unusual angle of a see saw. Whenever I see a see saw, I always remember jumping off and letting the other persons butt slam on the ground. Ha! Y'all did that too right??

I just liked the angels in this one.

This is from my first Jimmy Buffett concert. I painted my friend's "party bus" on all sides. I think this is the only decent picture of the night. I can't imagine why! We had so much fun!

Just random people hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Ok, ALL of these are amazing! I love the 70's edits, my fave being Andy and Barney's car! And the angles at the bus stop! It's a great picture! again, ALL of them are!

  2. May you have a super week!
    Like your pics...they're great.
    d from home haven

  3. Love all your photos!! You are awesome with that camera.


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