Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Project 365 Pictures

I really wish that I would have organized these better. Here is another very random batch.

A house near me built their own hobbit hole. This little sign leading up to it is really cute.

This is a cute street in Macon, Georgia.

Sunset at a local reservoir

You're never too old for milk and cookies!

I love spring time!

Wine labels really interest me. These caught my eye at Publix.

Last but not least, my son wrecked his "new " car. At least it was with a concrete pole and not another car. Thank God for small favors!


  1. another great group of pix!
    love the cookies and first thought was that this image would make cute note other fave is the black and white benches with quiet.
    they are all great...glad you shared them!

  2. Beautiful photos...loved the wine labels! Too funny!

  3. Thank goodness your son is okay! My oldest is going for his learners permit next week and I'm beside myself....

    Beautiful photos. I think that the swings is my favourite!

    I voted for your cow picture as well, by the way. :)



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