Friday, March 26, 2010

Couples Skate

My friend and I were talking about the old skating rink the other day. We used to go all the time. Believe it or not, I was a pretty good skater. I even thought of going for my 40th birthday. It was only a thought! I'm sure that I would break something! How cool would a themed girls night out be though? We could all try to get our hands on a pair of Jordache jeans, the kind that you had to lay down and zip with a coat hanger. I can't believe my ovaries survived the 80's and went on to produce children. Ha!

All this talk of the skating rink got me thinking about my brothers friend that I had the biggest crush on. His name was Brent, he was the most handsome thing I had ever seen. I was around 11 years old, he was around 13. It was a one sided crush. He would join my brother in teasing me and it used to break my heart. One time he spent the night and he and my brother hog tied me to a bed post! I expected my brother to pick on me, but when Brent did it, it cut me to the core. I'll never forget, when I finally untied myself, I clawed his neck. I had the longest nails and they went deep into his neck. He had four lumps to remember me by!

Anyway, back to skating, one night they called couples skate and I wanted Brent to skate with me. They were playing Rod Stewart's, "You're In My Heart." I chased him around the rink for the entire song. I obviously didn't take hints too well. How sad is that? Actually, it's funny now, but then I thought my world was surely coming to an end.

Several years later he showed up on my doorstep with a birthday card and flowers on what I believe was my 14th or 15th birthday. I told him he was too late! It sure did feel good to say that! Ha! I don't know whatever happened to him. Brent if you're out there, this one's for you.


  1. Hey, new design and new photo, nice!

    Cute story about Brent....great song, one of my favorites. Thanks for putting it up today.

  2. Fun memories!

    Remember the guy at the skating rink who was alway The Best Skater? He was always so cute and I hoped he'd notice me. Well, when my own kids were little I took them to skate. There he was (or his son)...the one who always skated best. I remember thinking, awe, they still have one of those guys. Well, he skated around the rink and smiled a big smile...he was missing is front teeth!! Suddenly I wondered if the one I admired when I was a kid was really that cute. :)


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