Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today we celebrated my dad's 66th birthday! I bought him a Red Ryder BB gun. I hope he doesn't shoot his eye out!

And of course a bottle of his favorite wine.

I put lots of candles on the cake, secretly hoping to cover up how ugly it was. I was busy doing several things at once when I was baking it and it burned a little. Oops!

Hunter really wanted to light the candles but he couldn't strike a match to save his life. I think it was partly the old match box and partly him. I told him that maybe I should have reconsidered and put him in scouts after all. He told me he would have ended up with a lot more problems than not being able to light a match. Ha! He always has a funny comment up his sleeve.

The cake looks like a hamburger! I really need to sign up for those decorating classes at Michaels.

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  1. Hi Shauna!

    its a blast from the past, the Armchair Housewife Nicole here! Shauna, I owe you and your son a very big apology that i never followed up about the LOST drawing that we had commissioned. I am so sorry about this... you may have seen on my blog that I got pregnant and had a very rough pregnancy and then a newborn and just totally stopped blogging. Im trying to get back into "online" life again now that Im getting used to being a mamma and juggling everything, and the first thing Im doing is hoping to reconnect with you and your son about this drawing!

    So... if he still has it, we'd like to buy it from him still. and, if he doesnt still ahve it, we'd still like to send you him a payment for his hard work. Im sorry that this was probably a disappointment to him, we really want to make it right.

    if you could email me at and let me know your address, etc, we'll get the money in the mail to you. I think we had agreed on 40 dollars, right?

    Thanks and again many apologies!


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