Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Photo Is A Creation

These are more of my photos from my 365 project. So far, it's still fun!!

This was a display for Memorial Day in Hampton. These flags lined both sides of the street.

I love Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Lately though, they haven't been making them right. I figured out how to make them myself!

Train depot in Hampton.

This guy is outside of Little Caesars Pizza all the time. He really rocks out the cardboard guitar!

Champagne display in Walmart.

I just love these little old man that hang out on the square.

This mailbox was at a home dating back to the 1800's. I fell in love with the home and the mailbox!

We finally tried the beer in the rear chicken. It was really good. I like the way they looked on the grill, almost as if they were dancing.

On the square in Mcdonough.

Bliss on the square. It's a new cupcake/cake shop.

I love Netflix! Blockbuster doesn't get all my money now!

I took this photo at Publix thinking I would come home and recreate the cake. Hasn't happened yet.

My middle child playing his Fender.

My youngest son.

I picked these the other day. It took forever to get blooms!

Jackson Lake.

Bird watching.

No explanation needed for this one. ;)
Hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


  1. Shauna, Your photos are awesome!!!!!!

    May you have a sweet week-end...she's on the way.
    God bless,

  2. Shauna, these are fabulous! I just love the style, you have a gift :)
    I love that first one so much!


  3. Well, you had me at the title. :) We really shouldn't talk of "taking" pictures, the truth is we are "making" pictures.

    Shauna it's always great to find another 365er (aka another masochist :). Your pictures are just stunning, you have a very natural eye. I'm especially floored by that first shot. I hope it's framed and hanging in your house somewhere!

  4. Hi! I accidentally found your blog... and I have to tell you... I <3 your photos! Thanks for putting them out there so people like me can learn from them! :)

  5. The Publix cake is unbelievably delicious as well as looking awesome. Your pictures really capture the moment.


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