Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Son the Handyman

Today I have to brag on my oldest son. He is very handy around the house. He is self taught and does great work.
He married his childhood sweetheart. Here's the happy couple, this was shot while they were attending (and participating in) a friends wedding. We just love them so much and so proud of the adults they've become.

When they bought their house there was no hearth on the fireplace. Blake built it up and tiled it. It's so pretty now! Brandi, my daughter in law, is a great decorator too!

Looks professionally done!

Now on to his room. And to his credit I never once heard him refer to it as a "man cave." He has this nook, I guess it would be considered a closet. It houses all his music and "beverage' stuff.

This is a gun cabinet that started out as a regular green cabinet. The camo on the side is stuck on, it's a tape type thingy. He did the painting effect using pine straw. How cool is that?

Notice the bullet necklace? My dad makes these for my boys. Ha!

Ok, one of the coolest parts of his room. He made a coffee and end tables out of old wood. These tables are so neat. I don't know where he comes up with these ideas! I told him he was the male version of Martha Stewart!

These are pictures of my dad. He loves his grandad!

Notice the wood he put on the wall. This really sets the room off and gives it that cabin feel.

And here is a shot of the ceiling. He painted a rebel flag up there! Just thinking about how much time this took, makes my neck hurt!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. Thanks for letting me brag!


  1. He is pretty talented. Love those tables!

  2. We know where he got his talent from! Looks like he's a chip off the old block. Good work, very creative.

  3. Now, I am impressed. I can't believe that a young man could do all of that! WOW! I love the coffee table best. So neat! And I love that he faux finished his gun cabinet and painted his celing with the flag motif. And the wood walls! You're right... he is the male version of Martha!

    Happy Met Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Your son is talented for sure ! My 21 year old son would love his room from the ceiling to the floor ! Many a hide and head in his room too....LOL !

  5. It must run in the family. How fun to have a son that does DIY projects. They are great. I'll have to share this with my two boys - 18 & 22 years old. Maybe they'll be inspired.

  6. Those tables are just the neatest!! THanks for sharing

  7. It's always good to brag on our KIDS! :) And he is very skilled! Love the fireplace and that wood wall!

    Happy Met Monday!

  8. Wow. Check out that mancave! My husband had a collection of shot glasses when we first got married, now he says "Why did I do that?" Four kids later they pretty all met an early broken demise...

    I have a linky party and a plea for help at my place, care to stop by:

  9. Maybe we should call Him Marty Stewart (get it?)--he has some really cool ideas. I love how he has the old tool as part of the end table. Also a cool Man's cave!


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